This is a very small business.  It is just me.  Obviously, I hope to sell some of my images, but at this time the way to do that is contact me through email at  Tell me what image(s) you are interested in and the size you choose from the options listed below.  I will email (or call you), whichever you choose in the email and get the payment and delivery details set.  

There is one additional complication.  I am lucky enough to still be traveling in the wilderness, which means there are times in which I will not be able to check email.  I will contact you as soon as possible, but the response may be delayed.  If I contact you and you feel insulted because of the delay and no longer wish to order my picture, I will understand completely.  The upside (if you like my work), is that I may have taken some new awesome pictures and I will get them uploaded for you to see in the near future.



20" x 30" Wall Print ---------- $70

16" x 20" Wall Print  ---------- $55

11" x  14"   Wall Print  ---------- $40

8"  x 10" Standard Print (with Matte) ----------------- $25

8"  x 10" Standard Print (without Matte) ------------- $20

Digital downloads of the picture --------- contact me - It depends on the usage

I am willing to discuss other formats you may desire

 3 Panel Print format is available 

shipping $10 per container needed (shipped USPS)

all prices will be communicated to you before the order is finalized


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